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Please note that these directions are hand/shoulder specific for the right handed majority.  If you’re left handed, simply use the opposite hand/shoulder in place of the below directions.

1. Start by attaching the Motion Camera Strap to your camera. Attach the end of the strap that has the Tunitas logo tag on it to the left side of the camera. Then attach the other side of the strap to the right side of the camera. You can attach the strap directly to the camera or by using camera connectors of your choosing.

2. Now place the camera strap on your body via your left shoulder. Adjust the Fidlock buckle to rest at the bottom of your sternum.

3. This next step is to set up the stability strap or what we refer to ‘motion mode’. Take your right hand and push the Fidlock buckle to release. Bring it up around your left arm and under and attach the buckle back onto itself. The Fidlock uses magnets which make it easy to reattach.

4. Tighten the strap to fit snugly against your body by pulling the end or ‘tail’ of the strap through the tension lock buckle. The camera should lay flush against your back.

5. Pull any excess strap through.

6. Now we will set up how far the camera will extend from your body while shooting photos. To do so take your left hand and release the Fidlock buckle and bring the camera around to the front.

7. Take the strap keeper buckle and slide it up or down the strap to adjust the length at which the camera will drop down the strap. This will allow you to be able to extend the camera away from your body to take photos.

8. Once adjusted attach the fidlock buckle back onto the strap into ‘motion mode’. We will now take care of the access ‘tail’ end of the strap. You can either cut the tail end of the strap to trim (be sure to seal the webbing by taking a lighter and melting the end to prevent fraying). Another option is to roll the extra webbing and use the strap keeper buckle to clip it and hold it in place. Or simply clip the excess webbing to the strap keeper buckle.

Go out, shoot photos and have fun. If you have any additional questions about setting up your Motion Camera Strap, feel free to contact us.

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