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The bag will come with the shoulder strap set up for the left shoulder. If you would like to swap the strap to work for the right shoulder follow the steps below otherwise jump to the next section.


  1. With one hand, push and hold down on the metal gate. 

  2. With your other hand squeeze the plastic arm inward and then let go of the metal gate. That should unhook the metal gate and allow you to remove the buckle from the bag.

  3. Repeat on the opposite side.

  4. Flip the strap around and slip the buckle’s arm back into the webbing loop of the bag. Close the metal gate and repeat for the other side.


*Instructions are written for those using the shoulder strap over their left shoulder. If using the right shoulder, follow instructions but use the opposite hand.* 


  1. Start by wearing the bag. Unclasp the Fidlock buckle with your right hand and move the strap over and under your left arm. Refasten the Fidlock buckle. Bag is now in ‘on bike mode’. 

  2. Slide the Fidlock along the webbing so it sits roughly below your sternum. 

  3. With the triglide in your right hand, pull the top webbing with your left hand to adjust the strap to your body. Move strap keeper hardware as needed while adjusting webbing. 

  4. When the strap feels like it’s an ideal position, move the Fidlock back around your left around and refasten to ‘off bike mode’. If the shoulder strap feels a touch loose or tight, adjust webbing as needed. Strap adjustment might take a couple of tries to make sure it is comfortable in both on and off bike modes.  

  5. If you find that there is an excessive amount of webbing ‘tail’, you can trim it with scissors and seal the end with a lighter to prevent fraying. Tuck the remaining tail into the strap keeper hardware. 

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